Boya's BY-BCA70 is a professional XLR audio adapter which is specially designed for increasing the convenient flexibility of your XLR microphone to most mobile devices. With three detachable audio cables - USB Type-C, USB Type-A and Lightning – included, this audio adapter allows any XLR microphones to be compatible with PC, Android and iOS smartphones, tablets etc. Ideal for home studio recording, podcast, vocal and instrument solo recording, ENG, interviews, etc.

Features with up to 24bit/96kHz sampling rate, BY-BCA70 allows the recording files to be of high resolution and as crystal clear as possible. Powered by smartphone or PC, this audio adapter can even support phantom power to drive any XLR large diaphragm condenser mic or shotgun mic that requires phantom power.

With 0dB-30dB gain control available, users can easily adjust the microphone volume according to the recording environment. With integrated 3.5mm no-latency headphone monitoring jack (depends on the recording app), users can monitor the sound during or after recording.

* Detachable USB Type-C, Lightning and USB Type-A audio cables included
* Connect any XLR microphones to PC and smartphones
* Powered by smartphones and PC
* 48V phantom power available
* 24bit/ 96kHz sampling rate
* No latency headphone monitoring (depends on app)
* 6m cable
* 0dB~30dB volume gain control

Boya BY-BCA70 Audio Adapter for XLR Microphones to Mobile Devices

R2 425,00Price
  • • Detachable USB Type-C, Lightning and USB Type-A audio cables included

    • Connect any XLR microphones to PC and smartphones

    • Powered by smartphones and PC

    • 48V Phantom power available

    • 24bit/ 96kHz sampling rate

    • No latency headphone monitoring(Depends on App)

    • 6 meters cable

    • 0dB~30dB volume gain control

  •  Frequency Response:  30Hz-20kHz
     Volume gain control:  0dB~30dB
     Sampling Frequency:  44.1kHz/ 48kHz/ 96kHz
     Bitrate:  16bit/24bit
     Power Supply:  Powered by iOS/ Android mobile devices/ PC
     Output Connector:

     Type-C to USB

     Type-C to Type-C

     Weight:  205g (7.2oz)
     Cable length:  6m (236“)

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