Pre-moistened cleaning wipes can be used to when soap and water are not available for hand cleaning. They are the ideal solution to cleaning up at work to help prevent the spread of germs.

Falcon Dust-Off Anti-Bacterial Hand Wipes help you to get rid of dirt and germs on your hands quickly and conveniently. Containing aloe, these wipes leave your skin feeling fresh and soft without drying out the skin.

Individually-sealed Anti-Bacterial Wipes are bulk packed in handy jars for ease of sharing throughout the office. Great to place in reception or common area. Easy to grab and go!

Office Share Pack Jar containers 200 packets. Each packet containers one wipe, sized 15.2 x 12.7cm

Falcon product code: DABHJ



Falcon Dust-Off Anti-Bacterial Hand Wipes Share Pack Jar of 200 Packets


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