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To protect the valuable assets stored within the workings of your electronic equipment, the equipment itself must be maintained. For over 30 years, Falcon's Dust-Off Compressed Gas Duster has been the cornerstone in helping rid harmful dust and other contaminants from your computer, electronic equipment and other household items. Today, Dust-Off remains the staple for electronic maintenance practices; however, its cleaning versatility has been identified by consumers as a safe and effective maintenance tool for hundreds of applications. Dust-Off is a versatile cleaning partner able to assist in the care of many of your household and office treasures. Dust-Off Valve Systems are nozzle/refill combinations, guaranteed to provide years of dependable use.


Dust-Off Chrome Valve System. The one that started it all more than 20 years ago. A true classic. Provides more pressure per blast than disposable dusters. Designed for the consummate professional. 100% ozone safe.

Perfect for cleaning: office equipment, photographic equipment, computer/laptop and more


Falcon Dust-Off Chrome Valve. Compatible with FGSR Dust-Off Classic Refill only.

Falcon product code: FGVC

Falcon Dust-Off Chrome Valve FGVC