Your tablet is your vital tool for information at work and at play. But when it is speckled with dust, smeared with grime and fingerprints, and smudged with yesterday's lunch, it makes viewing files, web pages and photos very difficult. A clean screen is better for your eyes and keeps your device working properly.

Falcon Dust-Off Tablet Screen Wipes are safe for all touch screens. Ideal for iPad, Galaxy Tab and other tablet devices. Use daily, or whenever you share your tablet, to get rid of all the dirt that builds up. The pack fits easily in a purse or briefcase. Perfect for air travel. These wipes are quick drying for on-the-go clean up!

Resealable flow pack contains 12 wipes, each sized 12.7 x 20.3cm 

Falcon product code: DTW

Falcon Dust-Off Tablet Screen Wipes


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