You have all the latest gadget and communication electronics. But your high-tech device arsenal gets greasy and smudgy with dirt, dust and finger oils. How do you safely clean them? Combat the grime with Falcon's complete kit for various types of cleaning applications.

Falcon Dust-Off Ultimate Screen Care Kit allows you to clean all your state-of-the-art investments with one kit. Ideal for TVs, laptops, smart phones and more.


The Screen Spray is a multi-purpose cleaner suitable for LCD and plasma screens. It delivers a safe, effective cleaning solution with a virtual “no-run” formulation that allows for direct screen spray or cloth spray. The Screen Shammy and Plasma Screen Microfibre Cloth are great ways to safely remove dirt and grease from your digital surfaces, while the CD/DVD Cloth will clean smudges from the delicate surfaces of your media. The Sweep Mobile Cleaning Pad allows you to clean effectively in corners and other hard-to-reach places. All these components of this kit are are packaged in a zippered EVA storage case so you can keep everything handy in one place.

Falcon product code: DEVA

Falcon Dust-Off Ultimate Screen Care Kit

  • 1 Screen Spray 50ml
    1 Screen Shammy Cloth
    1 Plasma Screen Microfibre Cloth
    1 CD/DVD Cloth 
    1 Sweep Mobile Cleaning Pad
    1 Storage Case

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