The Godox AD200 PRO Pocket Flash Kit has strong power with lightweight and great portability.

Easily packed in your pocket. With professional lithium battery pack and two different flash head offer diverse light effects. Built-in Good 2.4G wireless X system and fully support of TTL functions.


Godox AD200 PRO features a stable colour mode that assures a consistent (-/- 100K) colour temperature across the entire power range. Additional upgrades include a new flash bracket, updated control panel with a slightly recessed interface, 9-step power range, and USB Type-C port.

Godox AD200 PRO Pocket Flash

R7 299,00Price
    • Stable colour mode: the former +/-200K difference (between max and min power WB) has been reduced to 100K. 
    • 9EV power range: 1/1 – 1/256 in 0,1EV increments
    • Slightly redesigned user interface and extra buttons
    • Redesigned POWER switch
    • USB-C port for firmware updates
    • Redesigned umbrella adapter: the AD200 PRO has two recessed slots around the 1/4″ mount so the mounted flash can not turn on the umbrella adapter any more.

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