The South African made HanSanX 70% Alcohol-Based 250ml Hand Sanitizer is made to give you a portable bottle of hygiene protection for you and your family. It is also effective on both skin and surfaces!


HanSanX Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer provides effective protection against germs and disease by reducing microbes on hands or surfaces. This hand sanitizer is 70% alcohol-based and comes in convenient 250ml bottles, ensuring you can clean your hands even when you’re on-the-go. Apply to hands or surfaces before/after contact in external environments to maintain effective hygiene. This concentration leaves minimal residue or odour after application, while the addition of glycerine helps protect and moisturize the skin.

HanSanX 70% Alcohol-Based 250ml Hand Sanitizer Bottle – 12 Pack

SKU: SAN25012
    • Highly effective alcohol-based hand sanitiser
    • Protects against germs and disease
    • Contains 70% alcohol
    • Rapid evaporation after application
    • Minimal residue or odour after application
    • Ideal for routine hand washing or if soap & water is not available
    • Can be used in non-surgical medical care establishments before/after patient contact
    • Manufactured according to World Health Organization guidelines (ISO 9001:2015)
    • Proudly South African (made in South Africa)

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