Cosmo 600 is a 600ft Wireless HDMI/SDI Transmission System that is light, thin and stable, with no latency and no compression.

600'. SHI+HDMI. Trigger. Timecode. Built-in Antennas. OLED Screen. USB Upgrade.

* Incredibly thin and light - small but powerful.
* OLED screen to read status of device easily
* Current channel, signal strength, video format, temperate
* More interface, more choices
* Receiver: Dual 3G SDI Output, HDMI Output  
* Transmitter: 3G SDI input, 3G SDI loop out, HDMI input
* Supports timecode, LTC & VITC timecode
* Higher accuracy, no skipping and delay
* Supports Trigger synchronous recording
* Slow motion recording, compatible with 25/50/100 FPS Automatically Synchronize Camera Recording
* Interface protection, design extends service life  
* Anti-collision protection design for all interfaces, prevents damage if dropped
* Highly flexible and strong antenna
* Quality soft antenna rotate safely and decrease damage rate

Applications: film and television shooting, sports events, live broadcast and wedding ceremonies.


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Hollyland Cosmo 600 Wireless HDMI/SDI Transmission System

R34 850,00Price
    • Film and television shooting,
    • Sports events,
    • Live broadcast,
    • Wedding ceremonies.
  • 1 x Transmitter,

    1 x Receiver,

    3 x 5GHzAntenna,

    2 x DC Conversion Cable (LEMO 2-pin Male to D-tap) ,

    1 x Magic Arm,

    1 x Crab Clamp,

    User Manual 

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