Hoya HD Nano filters offer improved protection, performance and durability. They are essential gear for photography under extreme and severe conditions.

HD Nano filters feature not only hardened glass but also an ultra-hard nano coating bonded firmly to the glass surface on the nano level. This smooth coating is solid and scratch resistant, with water and oil repellent abilities. The polarizing film is the same as that used in the latest high definition LCD TV screens. It has 25% higher light transmission than standard polarizing film. The filter has virtually no effect on the colour balance, contrast or clarity of the final image beyond its polarizing effects.

Hoya HD Nano Filter Circular Polariser 52mm

R1 345,00Price

    • New 16 layer (both sides) ultra-smooth, ultra-hard nano coating
    • Stain resistant, water & oil repellent coating makes everyday maintenance easier
    • Ultra-hard surface coating is 200% more scratch resistant than general coating


    • High Transparency & High Durability UV Absorbing Film
    • 25% Greater Light Transmission than Standard Polarizing Film


    • Very Thin Frame, Front thread to attach lens caps and other filters
    • Press mount technology holds glass securely

    The HD nano CIR-PL filter is using the polarizing film with the high transmission factor, so a picture through a filter and the lens can be recognized clearly by a better contrast. This effect enables a fast shutter valve. This polarizing filter doesn't affect the overall color balance of the shot.

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