A JJC MC Series Memory Card Case is made from quality environment protective materials. The fine worked case has the characteristics of resistance to water splashing, anti-dust, crush resistance and durability. The ergonomic tailored card slots can provide your memory cards with safety protection. The high strength ABS housing provides the crush resistance characteristics; the seal ring can effectively protect your card from dusts and water; the soft TPR lining can effectively cushion the accidental drop. The tailored card slots are in clear shapes for cards. The appearance design of rectangular concave with wide intervals provides a comfortable holding feeling and prevents gliding from hand. The lock is easy for open and close. The design of thread passing hole makes the card case convenient for taking along.

Memory Card Case fits 8 SD, 8 Micro SD

  • Appearance design of rectangular concave with wide intervals, beautiful and preventing gliding from hand

    High quality environment protective materials, safe and reliable

    The ergonomic tailored card slots, easy for card putting and taking

    Soft seal ring, effectively anti dust and resisting to water splashing

    Thread passing hole design, convenient for taking

    Many specifications can satisfy different individual needs

    With SIM tool for easily taking cards

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