The Lume Cube Portable Lighting Kit Plus is a hand-picked ultimate combination of light, mounts, and modifiers for the creative photographer or videographer to take their content to the next level. Mount the Lume Cube on top of a DSLR or light stand and choose between the full line of diffusers, gels, and modifiers to soften, colour or shape your light.

The Lume Cube is built for action. Providing professional quality lighting to your everyday life, the Lume Cube will allow you to revolutionize your photos and videos. With both manual and Bluetooth controls, this small 4cm cube emits a clean 1500 lumens of light and is fully waterproof to depths of 30m. With a 1/4”- 20 mount on the bottom, the Lume Cube is always ready for any mounting situation.

The kit also includes DSLR Hot Shoe Mount which can be used to mount Lume Cube on a camera, tripod or light stand. Add the Modification Frame - its form fitting design  securely mounts on the front of the Lume Cube and its plastic molded body has an internal metal frame for magnetic mounting. All accessories are made with built-in magnetic rods for seamless mounting to the Modification Frame.

Lume Cube Portable Lighting Kit Plus

R3 340,00Price
  • 1 x Lume Cube,

    1 x DSLR Camera Mount,

    1 x Modification Frame,

    2 x CTO Warming Gels,

    1 x Diffusion Bulb,

    2 x Flat White Diffusers,

    RGBY Color Gels (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow),

    2 x  Honeycomb Grids,

    1 x  Snoot,

    1 x  Barn Door,

    Carry Case


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