The MK190XPRO3-3W kit combines the new compact, versatile 190 aluminium 3-section tripod with the new XPRO 3-Way Head with quick release camera plate.


The tripod's key feature is the 90° centre column - now with a new mechanism – which can be extended vertically or horizontally. Thanks to the new Quick Power Lock levers, the legs are fast to extend and adjust, and keep the tripod stable and rigid. From folded, the sections of each leg of the tripod can be released in a single movement. The tripod also features intuitive ergonomic leg angle selectors that allow each leg to be independently set to any of the preset angles; a rotating bubble level built in to the top of the centre column, and an Easy Link connector for supporting additional accessories.


The XPRO 3-Way Head has retractable levers which make it ultra-compact, and also features new friction controls on the portrait and tilt axes, to help balance the weight of camera equipment so that fine framing adjustments can be made with the locking knobs open, only locking everything down once the shot is ready.


MK190XPRO3-3W replaces 190XPROB,804RC2 / 190XB,804RC2 / 190XDB,804RC2

Manfrotto MK190XPRO3-3W New 190 Alu 3-Section Kit with XPRO 3-Way Head

R5 695,00Price
    • Quickly switch from vertical to horizontal operation
    • Rigid and quick to extend and adjust
    • Freely rotating bubble level for more precise shooting
    • Friction control for more-even weight distribution
    • No need to disassemble your equipment when switching orientation

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