Adapter for Li-ion LPS batteries (Sony L Type standard).

The L-Type battery adaptor is included with the MicroPro2 and Croma2 and available as an optional accessory for Spectra2. It is perfect for demanding situations where portability and long lasting battery life are required.

The L-Type battery adapter for Spectra2 makes it possible to use the common L-Type battery Sony mount with your LED Spectra2.

Li-ion L-Type Battery Adapter:
Weight: 45g


Manfrotto MLBATTADT-L7.2V Li-Ion L-Type Battery Adapter for Spectra2

  • Li-ion L-Type Battery Adapter:
    Weight: 45g

    • Tripod battery adapter for Li-ion LPS batteries
    • Simultaneously powers Spectra2 LED light
    • Ideal for outdoor shooting
    • A lightweight solution for the unexpected
    • High-quality and built to last

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