Parrot Disco-Pro AG is the all-in-one multi-purpose drone solution for precision agriculture, helping farmers improve the ROI of their crops. This end-to-end solution allows farmers and small agriculture cooperative to have easily and quickly insights on the health of their crops thanks to visual crop scouting and NDVI maps. 

* Parrot Disco-Pro drone is easy to pilot, reliable and safe; 14MP camera
* Powerful: covers 80ha at 120m flight altitude in a single flight
* Skycontroller 2 for optimized and secure Wi-Fi connection; live video streaming
* Pix4Dcapture app quickly creates optimized automatic flight plans to map crops
* Parrot Sequoia captures crop data; multi-spectral and sunshine sensors
* Analyses plant vitality by measuring amount of light absorbed and reflected
* AIRINOV First+ is a powerful and easy to use agricultural cloud mapping platform
* Processes the captured crop data into actionable insights in a report
* Analysis includes NDVI maps, simple zoning maps and detailed zoning maps

Parrot item: PF751000AA

Parrot Disco-Pro AG

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