Phottix camera and lens accessories provide photographers with an extra bit of help to keep their gear clean and damage-free.

The Phottix 3-in-1 Cleaning Kit helps keep your camera equipment clean. Safe to use on all gear, the kit can be used to keep lenses clean and smudge-free.

The Lens Pen with Brush removes dust, erases smudges and doesn't leave residue. It is 100% safe for all lenses. On one end there is a soft brush that sweeps away dust and loose particles. On the other end, a special cleaning compound is used to gently remove fingerprints and spots. This unique cleaning compound will not spill or dry out, and is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The Lens Pen is perfect for cleaning digital cameras, digital camera lenses, binocular lenses, and telescope lenses.

The Microfibre Cloth is soft and safe for optical surfaces. The high density micro-fibre construction removes all dirt and oily smudges, with no streaks. Safe for all types of lenses, including plastic, mineral and AR coated lenses. Can be used wet or dry, and continues to clean after repeated washing.

Phottix item: 66520

Phottix 3-in-1 Cleaning Kit

SKU: PLPH66520
  • 1 x Lens Pen (2-in-1) with Brush,

    1 x Microfibre Cloth

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