The Indra AC Module powers the Phottix Indra series Studio Lights. Great for use in the studio where batteries are not needed. The AC Module can power two Indra500 TTL Studio Lights or hot shoe flashes in 100V-240V environments.

Use your Phottix Indra500 lights with AC Power
Power two studio lights or flashes
Fast 1.5s recycle time
100V-240V compatible

With cables (not included) compatible with the Phottix Mitros series, Canon, Nikon or Sony flashes, the AC Adapter can also feed AC power directly into hot shoe flashes for lightning-fast recharge times, making battery power no longer an issue.

Note: this is the EU/UK version
Phottix item: 01011

Phottix Indra AC Module

SKU: PLPH01011
R3 929,00Price
  • Includes: Module Unit, AC/DC adapter, AC power cable 1m (same cable as Indra charger), Top Cover (same Indra500 battery cover)

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