Nuada: the next generation of Phottix continuous VLED lights.

The Phottix Nuada S3 VLED light panel takes your photo or video project to the next level. Compact, portable, powerful and super easy-to-use, the Nuada S3 makes lighting effortless, and is the perfect partner for your creative projects. Soft, beautiful continuous light – for photographers new to lighting as well as professionals needing a powerful and portable light source. The light features an easy to read LCD screen, while the controls allow for power and colour temperature adjustment. The Nuada S3 includes an AC adapter. Take the Nuada S3 on location and use Sony-compatible NP batteries (not included).

The Phottix Nuada S3 features:
Adjustable power (0 to 100%) and colour temperature (3200K to 5600K)
Excellent colour rendering: CRI 95+
Maximum brightness: 835 Lux @ 1m
Easy to use with soft flattering diffuse flicker-free light
Great for video, live-streaming and still photography
AC or battery powered

The Phottix Nuada S3 runs on mains power (AC Adapter included). It can also run on two Sony-compatible NP series batteries (NP-F550, F750 or F960 - not included). Light stand mount with standard 5/8” female connector is included.

Dimensions: 376 x 266 x 25mm
Weight: 1170g

Includes: Phottix Nuada S3 Video LED Light, AC Adapter, Light Stand Mount, Manual

Phottix item: 81421

Phottix Nuada S3 Video LED Light - Including Light Stand

SKU: PLPH81421
R2 790,00Price
  • Model:  Phottix Nuada S3
     Color Rendering Index (CRI):  ≥ 95
     Color Temperature (adjustable):  3200K~5600K
     Maximum Brightness:  850Lux @ 1m
     Power:  35W 
     Battery:  Compatible NP Series x 2
     Battery Life:
     5600K at Max Power
     2 x NP-F550 (7.4V 2000mAh) 45min
     2 x NP-F750 (7.4V 2000mAh) 110min
     2 x NP-F970 (7.4V 2000mAh) 175min
     AC/DC adaptor:  100-240VAC
     Dimensions:  376 x 266 x 25mm
     Weight :  1170g

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