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Pluto Trigger is a high-speed smart camera trigger that's controlled by a free iPhone/Android app over Bluetooth LE(Low Energy) that can be used for remote shooting, time lapse, High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography, video recording and lightning photography.

It enables your DSLR to do high-speed photography triggered by sound, by light, or by something breaking a laser beam aimed at the Pluto Trigger (the laser is included). With the built-in PIR sensor, Pluto Trigger can detect animals’ body heat and take photos.It can also wait until a person is smiling to shoot a photo, or take pictures triggered by motion or vibration. You know those fancy photos of water droplets colliding in mid-air? There's a mode for that too(Droplet Valve required) -- 24 modes in all. 


Pluto Trigger has infrared(IR) remote control capability, which enables it to support a wide variety of cameras (not just DSLRs). It can also work as a selfie remote for your iPhone(Pluto Camera required). The app can even calculate depth of field, shutter speed when using an ND filter, 500 Rule and Sunrise/Sunset Time!

Want to trigger multiple cameras simultaneously AND wirelessly? Check out the RF Transmitter & Receiver.

Refer to User Manual and FAQ for more information. Check the Quick Start Guide to see how easy it is to use Pluto Trigger!


Please make sure your phone supports Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE or BLE). Compatible devices are iPhone 4s or later, iPad 3 or later, iPod Touch 5 or later, iPad Mini, Android 4.3 with Bluetooth 4.0 LE or later. Go to the Google Play store and install the "BLE Checker" to find out whether BLE is supported on your device.


Delivery may take 3-5 days longer dependant on local stock.


Essential Accessories

Pluto Trigger

Pluto Valve

11" Magic Arm

Replacement Battery

Pluto Trigger - Smart Feature Packed Camera Trigger - Including Camera Cable

R2 490,00 Regular Price
R1 995,00Sale Price
Cable Type (Select correct cable for your camera)
  • 24 MODES



    Release your camera shutter wirelessly from your phone. Seven release modes are available: Single, Focus, Hold, Lock, Bulb, Burst and Timed.



    Set the duration, number of shots, interval, and start delay. Press the start button and hundreds of images will be taken automatically. Use computer software to make an epic time-lapse video!



    High Dynamic Range photography - Capture up to 19 images with auto-exposure bracketing. These images are later merged into a single, perfect HDR image! (Fastest shutter speed is limited to 1/20)



    Set the number of shots, exposure time, interval and start delay. Take multiple long-exposure images to create a beautiful star trail image.



    Enable your camera to record video without a 30 minute limit. The video recording will be restarted when the 30 minute limit is reached.



    Take photos/video at a certain time each day. Perfect for making time-lapse of construction, plants growing, etc..



    Set your camera to go off when something breaking a laser beam aimed at the Pluto Trigger. The delay is only tens of microseconds! (Not working in daylight)



    Enable your camera to do high-speed photography triggered by sound. Great for capturing popping balloons, breaking glasses, etc..



    Take photos only when it is bright or dark!



    Detect lightning strikes and trigger your shutter instantly!



    Detect human or animals' body heat and take photos! 



    Capture water droplets colliding in mid-air! Blur the line between amateurs and professionals! (Droplet Valve required)



    Make your own sensors to trigger your camera in creative ways! The only limit is your own imagination!



    Combine multiple sensors for specific scenarios (e.g. triggering your camera by sound when it is bright enough). Cross-beam laser sensors can be made using this mode. 



    Make use of the microphone on your smartphone to trigger your camera! 



    Vibration or shaking your phone can trigger your camera wirelessly!



    Any moving object captured by your phone camera will trigger your DSLR camera!



    Trigger your camera based on the distance you have travelled by using the GPS on your phone! 



    Say “Pluto” to fire off your camera!



    Simply smile to trigger the shutter and take a great selfie! (iOS only)



    Calculate depth of field and hyper-focal distance based on the aperture, focal length and image sensor size of your camera. Enables you to take sharper landscape photos.



    Calculate sunrise and sunset times based on your local coordinates and time. Never miss the golden hour for photography! 



    Determine the shutter speed when neutral density filter is used. 


    RULE 500

    Calculate the allowed slowest shutter speed when shooting night skies to avoid star trails.