PolarPro QuartzLine filters are made of 99.9% pure fused quartz glass for unrivalled durability and optical clarity. These single lens element filters produce a very low refractive index of just 1.46 and offer outstanding temperature stability. Combined with an over-engineered brass frame, QuartzLine filters thread on smoothly and are built to withstand your most rugged adventures.

CP – 1.3 Stops
Photo and video: reduces glare, increases colour saturation and contrast

Thread size: 82mm

PolarPro product no: 82-cp

PolarPro QuartzLine Filter 82mm Circular Polarizer

R3 225,00Price
  • 1 x Filter with 82mm thread size

    • Fused quartz glass element, resolves up to 400MP sensors
    • Brass frame with smooth threading and increased durability
    • New coating process for zero colour shift - perfect colour neutrality
    • 16 coating layers: anti-scratch, anti-oil, hydrophobic coatings
    • Repels oil and water for easy cleaning and care
    • Built for a lifetime of adventures

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