LCD Universal Battery Charger For Digital Cameras and Camcorders - 3.7V/7.4V


This intelligent charger charges your Li-Ion rechargable batteries converting AC supplied power or car cigarette lighter to 5V DC USB output. after power on, LCD display shows『Stby』characters, the charger is on standby mode and can insert a rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack for charging.


Charger mode: constant

current first then constant

voltage(CC/CV )


Soshine M20-LCD Universal Intelligent Li-Ion Battery Charger with LCD Display

  • Precision charging that detects when battery is fully charged.
    Floating-charging maintains battery in full charge
    LCD displays to display information; voltage, time, charging percentage, charging capacity and the status of the battery.

    Metal plates for charging connection can easy adjust for many different type of battery

    Automatic 3.7V/7.4V battery pack voltage and polarity detection
    Over Charging timeout protection
    Power input can use AC houshold power, DC12V or Micro-USB DC5V for charging.
    Auto active function for Lithium battery pack open (0 Voltage)

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