The SP series 45mm fast standard prime lens for full-frame DSLRs features best-in-class minimum object distance of 0.29m.This format is the closest approximation to human field of vision and captures high-resolution shots to an unparalleled degree of resolving power.


Compose an image at will, without regard to shooting distance or ambient lighting constraints, to produce crisp, tack sharp images from f/1.8 full open aperture. The slight wide-angle delivers a new photographic perspective. Thanks to optimal use of sophisticated glass materials and highly advanced optical design, the lens provides outstanding image quality with maximum aberration compensation. Expand your photographic possibilities by shooting close. Fast, quiet AF is achieved thanks to the Ultrasonic Drive. Optimal relative illumination means no dark corners. Special lens coatings suppress ghosting and flare for flawless, crystal clear images, and repel water and fingerprints on the front element. Moisture-resistant construction provides an extra layer of protection when shooting outdoors in adverse weather conditions.

Tamron F013 SP 45mm f/1.8 Di USD Lens for Canon / Nikon / Sony

R9 299,00Price
Lens Mount
  • Model F013 - SP 45mm f/1.8 Di USD - for all Sony DSLRs

    Filter diameter: 67mm

    Minimum object distance: 0.29m

    Length: 91.6mm

    Weight: 515g

    Mount compatible: Sony

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