* Mission delivered: professional Crane 3S is built on a heritage of innovation, with a brand new design and magnificent motors, for wider application and intuitive control
* Re-engineered for more ambitious camera set-ups with maximum 6.5kg payload
* Greater flexibility: detachable extension arm for larger cinema camera combos
* Modular design, versatile shooting: supplied with SmartSling Handle with control panel and OLED screen; can also take EasySling Handle to extend grip for more comfort upright and underslung operation
* Cross-compatibility: multiple thread holes of various sizes to easily mount accessories like motorized dolly, jib, cable cam, EasyRig etc.
* Ultimate reliability: reinvented locking system on three axes with zero swinging
* Continuous uptime supported: DC-IN port for optional PowerPlus Battery Pack
* New algorithm system: phenomenal responsive speed and smoothness
* Broader vision with 55° tilted roll axis; improved zoom and focus system
* Compatible with TransMount Image Transmission System and ViaTouch 2.0 app, with enhanced Timelapse feature.

Zhiyun-Tech Crane 3S Gimbal Stabilizer

R15 995,00Price
    • Payload Upgrade - 6.5kg
    • Modular Handle
    • Cross-Compatibility
    • Modular Arm
    • Reinvented Locking
    • DC-IN
    • Properly Calculated 55°
    • ViaTouch 2.0

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