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* Zhiyun's 'Lab' series are their flagship gimbals, with cutting-edge innovations
* Versatile & ergonomic; tiny but mighty Weebill Lab is ideal for mirrorless cameras
* Hold upright or in underslung position using tripod as handgrip, for a unique and effortless filming experience
* Smaller motor size but increased motor torque and faster response speed
* Crafter latch design makes it super-easy to balance; lock and save current set-up
* Wireless image transmission; real-time monitor, framing & parameter control of camera; compatible with smartphones and tablets  
* ViaTouch Control System lets you control every detail on a phone screen
* External follow focus for precise and smooth focus control on all camera systems
* PhoneGo mode: single tap for max follow speed, perfect for extreme sport scenes
* Via ZT Play: panorama, focus timelapse, motion timelapse, long exposure  
* Other features include 3kg payload, two fitted batteries for 10 hours on single charge, double quick release plates, robust hand-held tripod, intuitive OLED display, compact size that folds for storage, compatibility with ZY Ecosystem accessories

Payload: from 300g to 3kg
Battery runtime: 6 to 12h
Dimensions: 7 x 19 x 30cm
Weight: 970

Zhiyun-Tech Weebill Lab Gimbal Stabilizer

R9 490,00Price
    • Brand Name: Zhiyun-Tech
    • Model Number: Weebill Lab
    • Product Type: Stabilizer/Gimbal
    • Configured for: Mirrorless cameras
    • Support Weight:300g-3000g
    • Communication: Bluetooth
    • Vertical Shooting: Yes
    • Charging for Mobile Device: Yes
    • Rolling Angle: 360
    • Max Controllable Speed: No
    • Size: 70*190*300mm
    • Feature: Following the shooting mode
    • App Setting: Yes
    • Titling Angle: 360
    • Panning Angle: 360
    • Package: Yes
    • Weight (g): 970
    • Material: Aluminum
    • of Axes: 3-Axis
    • Supported Mobile Device Max Size: No
    • Type: Handheld gimbal
    • Support Remote Control: Yes
    • Camera Integration: No